(with Lynne Boyd)

Acrylic on paper, self-adhesive tape

Dimensions variable

Tidings is both painterly and sculptural. Its lyrically topographic surface is made from hundreds of handpainted squares that flicker with gestural marks and glow with luscious colour.

The superscript text echoes the pageantry of Renaissance paintings, but the words come from 20th Century painter, Agnes Martin:

And then sometimes there are moments of perfection and in these moments we wonder why we ever thought life was difficult.

Exhibited in the 2015 Dirty Dozen Xmas Show, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

Collection of the artists

photo: Louise Lavarack




Dimensions variable (overall 6x10 metres)

A temporary installation in the water beside Lorne Pier, the buoyant panel floated undulating in slow motion, gently bunching and spreading as swells rolled through. Its woven zigzag pattern echoed the rippling ocean waters extending to the horizon, while phosporescent lettering glowed ethereally across the surface at night.

Exhibited in 'Sculpture Trail' at Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2014 (March 2014)

Supported by an Arts Victoria Arts Development Project Grant

photo: Stephen Thurston

Over The Barricade


(with Peter Burke)

Corflute, acrylic, wood

Dimensions variable

A tongue-in-cheek picket line installed to coincide with the 'Spectres of Evaluation' conference. The slogans on the placards playfully engage with the issues addressed in the program of papers presented at the conference. Our aim was to draw attention to the paradoxes and questions raised by socially engaged art practices; the disjunction between art, audiences and art language; and to highlight gaps and overlaps between art and real life.

Exhibited in 'Spectres of Evaluation' at Footscray Community Arts Centre and simultaneously at Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds (February 2014)

photo: Samira Ghasempour

Tree Hug Blitz


(with Peter Burke)

Laminated printed tags, ribbon

Duration 8 hours

On National Tree Day 2013, Burke and Lavarack set out on an expedition to hug as many street trees as possible in an eight-hour period. Suitably booted and provisioned, the explorers followed a meandering route through Melbourne's CBD, hugging then labelling hundreds of trees. The circumnavigation became a large-scale 'embrace' that echoed the individual acts of tree-hugging they carried out.

Melbourne CBD, 28 July 2013

photo: Louise Lavarack



(with Peter Burke)

Wadding, cotton gauze, staples

Dimensions variable

This temporary intervention marked the demise of a mature street tree illegally poisoned in Melbourne's CBD. Wrapped in cottonwool and gauze bandages it became a ghostly roadside memorial in the midst of an otherwise flourishing avenue of plane trees.

Fellow artist Peter Burke maintained the Facebook page (Triage Melbourne) and supervised the accumulation of floral tributes and messages of sympathy around the trunk. In due course the timber from the lost tree will become a new work.

Temporary intervention commissioned by City of Melbourne

Corner of Elizabeth and Therry Street, Melbourne (July to September 2013)

photo: Louise Lavarack

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