An Invisible Thread

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image: Roy Chu

source: Tony Yapp



(with Cobie Orger)

A durational performance

Duration 60 minutes

Presented during 'MAP Moreland' at Siteworks, Brunswick, VIC, February 2019

The sonic and sculptural elements of An Invisible Thread crosshatch and interlace an architectural space with traces and instances, images and memories. Two performers adjust, shift, disturb and arrange coloured wooden battens, gradually relocating them from a narrow upstairs landing out to an expansive courtyard.

Ephemeral structures expand and diminish in response to the shifting soundscape spun by two musicians. morphing forms coil through the space, moving away from and towards the force of sound that binds them.

At the conclusion of 'MAP Moreland' there was a courtyard finale with the full company of festival performers; the painted battens from An Invisible Thread became a unifying warp/weft device that allowed an infinite range of individual expression.

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