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image: Louise Lavarack

image: Louise Lavarack



(with Cobie Orger and Ellen Davies)

Painted wood, participants

Dimensions and duration variable

Mesmerising to watch; absorbing to do. Slippage is a simple performative framework that opens up adult audiences to the joys of play.

In a laneway or other public space, audience-participants prop, balance and orchestrate a collection of coloured wooden battens. The actions and inventiveness of participants create a morphing configuration that is also shaped by the physical conditions and unique forms of the space. Weblike structures evolve and engulf the space. Gravity plays its part. Collapses are inevitable. A breath of wind or accidental bump can change everything.

Slippage blurs the roles of maker and audience, merges real and imagined landscapes, and slips intriguingly between visual and performance practices.

Premiered at the 'Festival of Live Art' at Arts House, Melbourne, March 2018

Restaged at 'Spring Fling', a community event in North Melbourne, October 2018

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