Ebb Flow

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photo: Louise Lavarack

photo: Louise Lavarack



Painted steel

Dimensions variable (overall area 4.8 x 52.8 metres, poles 9 x 9 cm by 400 cm high)

Ebb Flow is as an integral component of a new wetland park designed by Fitzgerald Frisby Landscape Architecture at Toomuc Creek Reserve in Pakenham. There stormwater is managed as a valued resource. Periodic flooding is essential to the health of a wetland, and this, along with seasonal cycles and other overlapping rhythms of the natural world, have inspired Ebb/Flow.

The repetition of form, the rhythmic variations in the spacing of poles, and the undulating patterns in the colours, all suggest a three-dimensional diagram that evokes those used to represent annual oscillations of temperature and rainfall, or the undulations of diurnal and lunar cycles.

Location: Edenbrook Estate, Pakenham

Collection: Cardinia Shire Council (gift of Devine Communities)

Awards: 2012 Award for Design in Landscape Architecture from Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

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