photo: John Gollings

photo: John Gollings

photo: John Gollings



Wooden clothes pegs, cold water dyes, acrylic varnish, nylon fishing line, stainless steel rod

Dimensions variable (overall 120 x 330 cm)

The humble domestic peg provides layers of meaning for the sumptuously woven Veil. Functionally pegs are the pinpoint of restraint that prevents freshly washed clothes from flying off into the sky or falling into the mud. Pegs also evoke the endless and repetitive behind-the-scenes labour necessary to sustain a household and family life.

Veil subverts these functions and elevates the peg from the relative privacy of the backyard to a more public realm. The dichotomy between public and private realms is resolved in the two-faced form of a ‘curtain’, the nominal function of which is to filter vision both into and out of a room. Suspended at the threshold between interior and exterior realms, the back-to-back surfaces of Veil have opposing colour treatments to emphasise the shift between our inner and outer worlds.

First exhibited: MARS, Port Melbourne (November 2007)

Collection: the artist

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