Flight Path

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preliminary model
photo: Louise Lavarack


Proposal for viewing platform on a steep hillside or cliff top

Flight Path is an elegantly simple viewing platform in the stylised form of a soaring bird. It consists of three undulating planes bolted together – a 10 metre long walkway and upraised wings all surfaced in expanded steel mesh. Stepping along the walkway the visitor sees straight through the mesh to the ground dropping away and the increase of space beneath. The plane of the walkway is not level and requires some attention as the visitor travels along it. At the terminal point handrail, the wings, rather than providing protection and shelter, are see-through. The wind penetrates too. There is no respite from space and air. This is the quintessential experience of the hovering bird.

This concept was shortlisted for Gowanbrae Civic Centre Public Art Commission in 2011.

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