photo: Louise Lavarack



Wood, acrylic varnish, printed paper, PVA, stainless steel fittings

Dimensions variable (overall area 5.2 x 10.4 metres, poles 1.9 x 1.9 cm by 240 cm high)

Horizon fills the gallery with nearly 400 wooden poles suspended in space. This field hovers in perfectly poised tension between floor and ceiling, seemingly defying gravity. The bottom half of each pole is stained a watery green. The upper part is natural timber. Collaged around the centre of each pole is a page torn from Australian Tide Tables 2000. This delineates a jagged horizontal plane roughly bisecting the larger mass.

Shifting visual alignments of rows are apparent to a viewer moving around the perimeter. A viewer penetrating the field leaves a trail of poles wildly swinging, gyrating, flickering and occasionally knocking as they sway and settle back to stasis.

Horizon draws on ideas of charting or plotting movement through space. The shifting layers of poles evoke tidal ebb and flow as well as the vertical oscillations of an unstable horizon caught between opposing gravitational forces. Overall Horizon provides a contemplative and lyrically interactive experience for the viewer.

Exhibited: George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, April 2001

Collection: the artist

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