Sight Line

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photo: John Gollings

photo: Louise Lavarack



Painted galvanised steel, acrylic inserts, painted aluminium panels, stainless steel bearings, internal polycarbonate enclosures housing LED lighting and circuitry, acoustic motion sensors

Dimensions variable (overall length of installation 360 metres, poles each 12.5 x 12.5 cm by 450 cm high plus windvane 70 x 90 cm)

Sight Line translates the ephemeral effects of wind and water movement at the pier. Each pole is topped by a windvane that sensitively adjusts to changes in wind direction. At night LED lighting visible in the slotted windows moves up and down in response to the waves passing below the pier. The overall visual impact is immediate and striking, enhancing the site with a sense of focus and drama, both day and night.

The coded graphics of the windvane panels spell out ‘arrive depart divide join’, a poetic evocation of the pier as a threshold site. Sight Line draws the eye out to the horizon, to the visual theatre of sea and sky, and to the places of imagination and dream.

Location: Frankston Pier and Forecourt

Commissioner: Frankston City Council

Budget: $230,000 (including $115,000 Victoria Commission 2002 from Arts Victoria)

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