Greek Myth II

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photo: Louise Lavarack



Corrugated cardboard, book pages, PVA and hot glue

240 x 580 cm

Greek Myth II is based on a sketch I made of a bas-relief frieze I found in the Staatliche Museum, Berlin. The frieze once graced the Great Altar of the Acropolis in the ancient city of Pergamum. The Hellenistic figures writhing across the marble surface enact with palpable vigour a mythic battle between the gods and the giants.

In the studio I reconstructed a section of the frieze as a full-scale ‘drawing’ using strips of corrugated cardboard laminated with pages from Robert Grave’s academic treatise, The White Goddess: an historical grammar of poetic myth. At the time of making this work, I was deeply concerned by the removal of classical studies from university curricula.

The overall effect of the finished work is energetic, fragmented, and almost cacophonic. The tangle of chaotic lines gradually coalesce into a recognisable order. For the viewer it is a choreographic experience. The small scale text is only legible up close while the large scale figures are only discernible from a distance.

First exhibited: Union House, University of Melbourne, February to June 1999

Collection: FB Rice & Co, Sydney

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