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photo: Louise Lavarack

sketch plan: Louise Lavarack

photo: Louise Lavarack



Wood, printed paper, PVA, shellac, acrylic paint

Dimensions variable

During this temporary intervention, visitors to Herring Island discovered slim wooden poles standing in locations dotted across the island – amongst trees, on the path, in a picnic area, inside the gallery building itself, and unexpectedly, within another artist’s installation. In fact, the poles were meticulously located according to positions previously plotted on a site map. From a distance the poles suggested surveyors’ poles. Closer inspection revealed bands of colour alternating with collaged book pages. The pages recounted stories of world travellers and explorers over the last two millennia. A brief journey round a small island thus shadowed more challenging journeys to far flung corners of the world in times gone by.

Exhibited at Herring Island Sculpture Park, South Yarra, March 2000

Curated by Maudie Palmer

Collection of the artist

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