Prize for Saltwater Community Centre

July 2016

After more than a year in construction, my design for the brickwork at the new Saltwater Community Centre in Point Cook has finally been realised.

Officially opened in July 2016, the building received two important prizes at the 2016 Victorian Architecture Awards, the Melbourne Prize and the Prize for Sustainable Architecture.

The video made by Cobie Orger was commissioned by Wyndham City Council to document my contribution to this great outcome.

photo: Louise Lavarack

Experimental work in development

Throughout 2016 I've been developing collaborative projects that are taking my practice in new directions.

In particular, Lynne Boyd and I are experimenting with a studio-based work that merges painterly and sculptural concerns (pictured).

I'm also developing a performative project that involves emerging dancer, Ellen Davies.

And Peter Burke and I have been exploring ideas for participatory works in public space.

photo: Louise Lavarack

Award for 'Ebb Flow'

December 2012

My work Ebb Flow is the centrepiece of a new wetland park at Toomuc Creek Reserve in Pakenham. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects bestowed an Award for Design in Landscape Architecture on the project at the Victorian awards for 2012.

photo: Louise Lavarack

Private commission at Lorne

March 2012

I have installed a permanent work for a private home in Lorne using recycled components from an earlier temporary work. The new work is titled Position (excerpt).

photo: Louise Lavarack

Cloud Ferry

Proposal for a footbridge or walkway over water

Five pairs of bronze oars stand upended on either side of the bridge roadway. Each oar blade is encircled by concentric stainless steel rings that suggest spreading ripples. At night, the rings self-illuminate with gently undulating aqua-coloured LED light. When a pedestrian passes between a pair of oars the rings light up with strong, uniform pulses of light. These move in sequence from inner to outer rings. It is as though the oars of a phantom boat are being dipped into an imaginary water surface inverted overhead. Cloud Ferry draws the viewer into a poetic, imaginative realm with a light, magical touch.

Concept shortlisted for City of Melbourne Public Art Program 2012

preliminary visualisation: FloodSlicer

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